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Our Portfolio

We have listed a few recent projects we have undertaken to give you an idea of the nature of 3U's past business and the limitless scope of our capabilities regarding business consultation and engineering design solutions. This is not an all-inclusive list, but rather a sampling of the types of work we have performed for your benefit.

  • Communications Network Development

    3U was contracted to provide technical support for the development of a private nationwide communications network.

  • Submarine Cable System Installation

    3U was hired to provide marine expert services to support bidding and proposal activities as well as to support subsequent installation operations for an inter-island submarine cable system.

  • Systems Engineering Support

    3U provided systems engineering support, technological research, and analytic support for a complex design program.

  • Hardware Process Improvement

    3U was contracted to develop technology and procedures to improve the current state-of-the-technology of a proprietary industrial process.

  • Portable Submarine Cable Lay System

    3U provided end to end project management for the conceptual design, concept of operations, and system integration of a portable cable laying system for mobilization onto a vessel of opportunity.

  • Submarine Cable Testing

    3U has long conducted submarine cable testing related to undersea cable tracking. These have included magnetizing the cables as well as developing and utilizing other unique technologies.

  • Marine Industry Marketing Survey

    3U performed an international marketing survey of marine related industries.

  • Cable Failure Analysis

    3U performed an in-depth analysis of the failure mechanism of a working opto-electromechanical ROV cable.